The Lord's Hall

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Doune was one of the most luxurious castles to be built and this shines through what remains of it today. On the first floor of the north range, is the Lord's Hall. It is still in use today for private functions and weddings and has been beautifully renovated. This was the Duke's private hall and did not communicate with the Great Hall in the adjacent block. The private rooms of Albany's family were above the main gate, Albany's own inner chamber being located on the first floor, and his wife's on the floor above. There were smaller chambers within the projecting tower on the north, and on the upper floors of the gate-house block. Further rooms for visitors were provided in the kitchen block.
View of the Lord's Hall as one enters it. View of the Lord's Hall from the other end of the room
Beautiful niched seats in the Lord's Hall
To the left of the staircase in the picture above is a small outer chamber which boasts a very good example of a "garderobe", or privy closet, the ancestor of the WC (see pictures below). This consisted of a mere hole in the wall with a chute opening onto the ground below.
Entrance to the "garderobe" Inside the garderobe
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