Crossraguel Abbey

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Main Entrance Cloister & church Abbot's Residence
Southern view of the tower house with remains of kitchens in front Western view of the Tower House
To the west of the abbey is the Tower House, the private residence of William Kennedy, last abbot of Crossraguel. Once upon a time, abbots used to sleep in the monastic dormitory, but by the sixteenth century this tradition had been abandoned in favour of more comfortable private living quarters. This tower house is similar to those of nobles found all over Scotland.
View of the inside of the tower house Reconstruction of the inside of the tower house
The ground floor was a cellar used for storage; on the first floor was the hall and main entrance, accessed by an outside staircase; the second floor was the hall where the abbot would receive his guests and conduct private business, while the third floor served as the abbot's bedchamber.

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