Crossraguel Abbey

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Main Entrance Cloister & Church Abbot's Residence
View of the Sacristy's windows and church to the right Exterior wall of the church
The imposing church at Crossraguel Abbey was built on the north side so as not to block the sun. The picture to the right shows the main aisle of the church, while the long nave is situated at the back.
Exterior wall of the church from the other end The inside cloister viewed from the top
The cloister was a rectangular court open to the weather, where the monks would walk and gain access to their domestic quarters: the chapter house, the dormitory above, the warming house which contained the only other fireplace allowed other than in the dining hall.
View of the High Altar in the church Inside the sacristy in the cloister
The view of the inside of the church above is taken from the nave. At the very end is the High Altar. The picture on the right shows the inside of the Sacristy, a place where the abbot carried out business seated on his canopied chair.

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