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Traditional spiral staircase Back of the castle

In 1566 Bothwell married Lady Jean Gordon, sister of the Earl of Huntly. Her dowry redeemed the mortgage on Crichton Castle, which became her residence. On 3 May 1566 Bothwell divorced his wife and 12 days later, on 15 May, he married Mary Queen of Scots at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Despite her divorce from Bothwell, the countess remained loyal to him. After the imprisonment of the Queen on 15 June, and the flight of Bothwell, she held Crichton against his enemies until mid-July, when she abandoned it and his cause.

Stable Block Stable Block

This large stable, with accommodation for servants above, was built by the 5th Earl of Bothwell in the 1580's. Like his magnificent lodging range, the stables were meant to be noticed. They were built on a large scale with attractive details such as the horseshoe shaped window.

Horseshoe Window of stable Block Thistles in bloom (August 05)

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