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The State Room is located on the first floor of the castle, at the same level as the Mary, Queen of Scots room. The chapel is located in the arched alcove into the wall on the left of the picture, while the concealed entrance to Mary's room is right opposite, to the right of the picture. Originally, the two were connected by a corridor.
The State Room The Chapel
Up another spiral staircase, on the top floor, you will find the Garrison used by Lord Borthwick's soldiers in by-gone days, and now turned into a chapel where couples who celebrate their wedding at the castle are married. Can you think of a more romantic setting??!!
Copy of the Sheffield portrait which hangs downstairs in the Great Hall The Garrison
Finally, down in the basement is the wine cellar and its original well. The staff at Borthwick delight in regaling the guests with stories of the many supernatural manifestations the castle has known, including the most haunted "Red Room" (one of the speciality rooms), which was exorcised in the 80's, and purported to have been (maybe still!) visited by the hapless ghost of a young servant girl who was made pregnant by one of the Lords Borthwick, and killed to conceal the evidence; or the story of the strange ghostly appearance on a picture taken in the Great Hall; or the ghost of the embezzling family chancellor who was burnt to death by the Borthwicks...Not even the cellar is a safe refuge from those disturbing spectres. For some spine-chilling stories, I refer you to Helen Bailey's book, "My Love Affair with Borthwick Castle". Artistic licence or fact? I leave you to decide and I dare you to stay in the castle alone at night!
Wine cellar and well

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