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Mary, Queen of Scots' Room Mary, Queen of Scots' Room
Borthwick Castle may now enjoy modern facilities such as central heating and electricity, but apart from those minor details, the feeling is certainly that you have been magically transported into another century. You will find no television, leisure centre or other form of relaxation and entertainment commonly found in other hotels. This is the genuine article, a fabulous opportunity to experience living like royalty of yesteryear! The Mary, Queen of Scots room is only one of 5 "speciality bedchambers", complete with four-poster bed, niches in the thickness of the wall, books and portraits of Mary, and an en-suite shower-room which once was the servants' sleeping quarters.
Four-poster bed Bathroom
In the above picture, the opening to the right of the bed leads to the little bathroom, while the doorway to the left of that is a mere wooden roller-blind, which would once had been the entrance to a private chapel at the time of Mary's stay. There would have been a wall separating this chapel from the adjacent State Room, which has now disappeared.
Below, the view over the peaceful countryside from the Mary, Queen of Scots room...
The view from the Mary, Queen of Scots room

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