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The safe room Under the roof
In the 1590's, the main tower was remodelled. The top vault (which used to be the lord's private chamber) was replaced with a timber roof. Neidpath has a very eerie feel to it, more so than most castles I have visited. Perhaps it is the presence of the "Maiden of Neidpath", the resident ghost? The story goes that she was the daughter of one of the owners of the castle, and that she fell in love with a man of whom her father disapproved. The poor lass pined away so much that he father gave in, but as she waited for her beloved on the ramparts, the latter did not recognise her emaciated figure and rode on. She died of a broken heart...
Under the roof The room Mary, Queen of Scots reputedly slept in
The photos above right and below left are of the room Mary, Queen of Scots is believed to have stayed in when she visited in 1563. In January 1982, the ceiling of this room fell down in exceedingly cold weather, thus exposing much of the original medieval plaster near to the top of the vault. Recently it was decided to reinstate the four joists - one of them had to be mended - but not to plaster the ceiling, so that the vault and the medieval plaster could be seen by all. Mary may have slept in the small square room at this level, where the principal 17th century stair is now.
The room Mary, Queen of Scots reputedly slept in The well in the basement
Down below is a well, a prison, cellars and a guard house. Outside the prison door is a copy of the Register of the Privy Council (1592-1599), 150, dated 4th July 1594, showing the last record of anyone ever having been imprisoned in the pit. The chamber was later used as a wine cellar during the Douglas occupancy.
The guard house Cute bunny on the grounds of Neidpath

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