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Fotheringhay Mound. Photo by Juliet Wilson Fotheringhay Mound. Photo by Juliet Wilson
This is all that remains of the site upon which once stood the Castle of Fotheringhay. Shortly after Mary's execution in its Great Hall, it began to fall into disrepair and local people helped themselves to bits of its materials for their own use. The antiquarian, Sir Robert Cotton, incorporated the Great Hall into his manor but the building was destroyed in the 18th century. All that remains is a pile of masonry enclosed by a railing. A plaque commemorating the death of Mary was placed there in 1913 by a historical society. The mound, clear of scrub shows erosion on the western side. The photo on the left shows the Memorial to Mary, Queen of Scots and Richard III on the bank of the river Nene. The railings are now black and the stone is about to receive some repairs.

Click here to see a reconstruction of the castle.

Castle site. Photo by Juliet Wilson Photo by Juliet Wilson
The Castle site taken from the little park. The ditch in the foreground is the outer moat. The inner moat is parallel. Another view over the river Nene, showing Fotheringay Church and bridge in the distance.

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